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EH 1010-08H ENGLISH COMPOSITION I (EH1010-08H) Essay

EH 1010-08H ENGLISH COMPOSITION I (EH1010-08H) - Essay Example It should be noted that not only the patient or the victim of smoke is at a loss from his body deprivation point of view but also his chances of suffering an injury instantaneously are quite viable. As debated before, many kinds of ailments might creep up with the passage of time circumscribing diseases such as cancer, lung-related problems and throat malignancies to name a few. [Jacobson, 1997] Peer smoking has been found out as one of the mainstays in keeping up to the smoking habit. People who are discouraged to smoke find solace when they see their near and dear ones doing the same, thus allowing themselves just about any rationale to follow upon and continue with the smoking loom. Certain discussions have also been concluded on the fact that parents generally do not have any idea on how to combat smoking so that their wards can keep off this habit from themselves. [Chase, 1995] They (parents) find certain ways in which their young ones do not readily catch up on the already present bandwagon of adopting a cigarette to relieve their tensions and thus allowing just about every harmful drug into their body with

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See order instructions Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

See order instructions - Case Study Example Whichever way the debate goes, the obvious fact is that in manning the college sports, the NCAA earns a lot of revenue and as such, a little token of appreciation would be necessary to the contributing athletes. This paper will argue that the NCAA has been unfair to college athletes, and since it benefits in many ways from college games, college athletes should receive part of the income just like employee athletes of the body do. The tussle between the NCAA and the college athletes make headlines in April when the Northwestern University Basketball players presented the National Labor Relations Board with a proposal to form a union. The idea of the union is to protest against the NCAA which does not treat them like employee athletes. The debate was further ignited by government officials stating that the NCAA was in no way liable to the students since they were not recognized as employees of the body. The reiterations further claimed that the students should be awarded by their colleges since it is they who benefit most from participating in the games. Normally, the only rewards offered to successful college athletes are scholarships, medical covers, and expert coaching. According to Bowen (n.p.), the students’ demands are deep-rooted, largely being influenced by the fact that schools themselves have to struggle much to make more money out of sports. Again, it seems like coaches of college teams are t he biggest beneficiaries, reaping from the students’ games more than they do. For instance, the coach of the University of Kentucky basketball team makes approximately $5.5 million every season. Broadcasters on their part make an approximate $1 billion off the games. This happens even as schools try to accommodate more tournaments and games every season just so their athletes can be better exposure and earn some rewards from their skills. One

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Iago in Shakespeares Othello Essay -- Othello essays

Iago in Othello  Ã‚      In William Shakespeare’s tragic drama Othello we see a morally depraved character, perhaps a very mentally sick individual, named Iago. His personality and development during the play is the subject of this essay. In Shakespeare’s Four Giants Blanche Coles comments on the mental illness that appears to afflict the despicable Iago: When such old time critics as H. N. Hudson, who wrote nearly a hundred years ago, saw that Iago was not acting from revenge, one is more than surprised to find modern critics, who have had the advantage of the progress that has been made in the study of abnormal psychology, accepting Iago for anything but what he is, and what Shakespeare intended him to be – a psychopathic personality. (79) Evidence of his psychopathic personality is seen early in the play. He manipulates the wealthy Roderigo into awakening the senator Brabantio (â€Å"Rouse him: make after him, poison his delight†); and then he utters very offensive smutty lines about a black ram and white ewe, which indicate the way his sick mind operates. He seems to be motivated by love of money which he has been receiving from Roderigo for some time (â€Å"thou, Iago, who hast had my purse / As if the strings were thine†). Iago himself says that he is motivated by revenge on the Moor (â€Å"I follow him to serve my turn upon him†) because of the promotion of Michael Cassio to the lieutenancy. But regardless of the question of motivation, it is a fact that Iago hasn’t a single true friend in the play; in his disordered personality he can only manipulate or use people; he is incapable of loving them. His manipulation of his general repeats time and again from the first meeting: Nay, but he prated, And spoke such scurvy... ...eps due on   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   To the Propontic and the Hellespont,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Even so my bloody thoughts, with violent pace,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Shall ne'er look back, ne'er ebb to humble love,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Till that a capable and wide revenge   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Swallow them up. (3.3) Iago is so in control of the general’s contorted mind that he specifies how the Moor should kill Desdemona: â€Å"Strangle her in her bed, even the bed she hath contaminated.† And the general dutifully responds, â€Å"Excellent good!† The enthusiastic answer causes one to suspect that the ancient’s psychopathology has taken possession of the Moor. WORKS CITED Shakespeare, William. Othello. In The Electric Shakespeare. Princeton University. 1996. No line nos. Coles, Blanche. Shakespeare’s Four Giants. Rindge, New Hampshire: Richard Smith Publisher, 1957.

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Martial Law Essay

Batas Militar. Commonly known in its English translation as â€Å"Martial Law†. As stated in the 1973 Constitution of the Philippine Republic that the Prime Minister as the Commander-in-Chief may declare Martial Law under the same conditions, â€Å"in case of invasion, insurrection or rebellion, or imminent danger thereof, the public safety requires it. The President however, using this provision may corrupt the Military forces and become hostage of ambitious Generals who may want to exercise power through a puppet President, without corresponding responsibility. This provision as written in the Article VII, Section 10, Paragraph 2 placed the entire Republic of the Philippines as defined in Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution of the Republic during the Marcos Regime is the root of the Proclamation 1018 that has been executed on September 21, 1972 and remained in force until January 17, 1981. This proclamation also suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus, this suspends the human rights of an accused person to be fight for what he believe is right in front of an authority, but instead his fate depends upon the attitude of the President towards him. On the first days of this proclamation, I believe the country responded well, because they also believe that the Philippines is sick, rebellion against the government has been in power in some rural places and communist armed forces are trying to invade the nation. But I also believed that the authority who is Ferdinand Marcos during that time exceeded to his limitations as the head of state. During the Martial law, Marcos amended the constitution for several times and I believe he used this for his own good. Democracy has been ceased and no news opposing the Marcos administration can be seen in broadsheet and even in the broadcast media such as radio and television, they also put into closure those media stations that attack the wrong doings and failures of the Marcos administration. They put into prison those people whose only objective is to say what they think is right and what they think is best for the nation. Democracy and human rights has been violated during this time, not to mention the allegations of corruption and violation of its own constitution has been brought to the face of President Marcos. The most influential person to be put into prison is Sen. Benigno â€Å"ninoy† Aquino. He’s against the Marcos regime and its corrupt performance. He’s death is the eye opener of the Filipino people who is frightened and afraid to speak out against the Marcos administration, but before that, after he was put into prison, he was exiled to the United States of America, and because of love of country and people and also, maybe, because of his desire to be the next president of the Republic he returned back to his homeland and face the consequences, he was assassinated at the tarmac of Manila International Airport and after how many years named after him and was known nowadays as Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I certainly believed that during the Martial Law era, not to mention the good things that this proclamation brought to us such as discipline, obedience and loyalty to the one who is in power. This proclamation of Martial law has been used by the authorities in such a way that the citizens of this nation will hate them, violating their own constitution, corrupting the money of the people, corrupting the rights of the citizens, corrupting the minds of the military whose prime objective is to defend the nation and not to hurt it citizens. Martial law brought back the love of country and desire to have democracy not dictatorship of the one who is power. Martial law opened the minds of the citizens to move, to join, to fight, and to love freedom. Human Rights should not be sacrificed just to obtain a common goal. In order for us to move forward, we should set our goals and vision with due respect to the rights of the citizens and respect to our own constitution.

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Questions On Deep Learning Technique Essay - 1439 Words

1.4.3 Deep Learning Technique Machine Learning at its most basic is the practice of using algorithms to parse data, learn from it, and then make a determination or prediction about something in the world. So rather than hand-coding software routines with a specific set of instructions to accomplish a particular task, the machine is â€Å"trained† using large amounts of data and algorithms that give it the ability to learn how to perform the task [12]. Deep learning is another Machine Learning (ML) algorithm. Deep learning is essentially a set of techniques that help you to parameterize deep neural network structures, neural networks with many, many layers and parameters. Deep Learning breaks down tasks in ways that makes all kinds of machine assists seem possible, even likely. The confusion matrix, in Figure 8 shows that the accuracy of this model is (90.80) with weighted average precision (91.37) greater than recall (91.11) and F1-score (91.24). From the above results, it appears that Deep Learning classi fier achieve higher accuracy, precision, recall, and F1-score. Figure 11: Clustering accuracy using Deep Learning Technique 1.5 Results Comparison Table 2: Performance Measures Comparison Model Decision Trees Naà ¯ve Bays Deep Learning Domain precision recall precision recall precision recall food 100.00 25.93 58.06 66.67 46.55 100.00 communication 63.77 95.65 88.89 86.96 100.00 100.00 education 83.54 88.26 88.65 88.26 90.22 88.26 medical 61.67 62.71Show MoreRelatedComputational Advances Of Big Data1147 Words   |  5 Pagesreduction techniques that can process the raw data to acceptable and processable size while not discarding any useful information is one of the demanding issues. In order to achieve successful data mining, feature selection is an indispensable component [4]. Feature selection algorithms dump redundant and ineffectual features and diminshes computational complexity which in turn saves on the cost of measuring and analyzing non selected features. Based on a certain criteria this technique selects aRead MoreDeep Learning Technique1023 Words   |  5 Pagesevaluate the use of deep learning as a means of providing route planning. The research question for the project was: â€Å"Can deep learning be used to infer terrain and find an optimal path for routing?† Therefore the goal was to develop an approach and prototype the design to find optimal path on terrain surface using elevation data. 2. Project requirements As the project was geared towards using aerial imagery, it was expected to achieve route navigation by leveraging techniques from computer visionRead MoreWhy Is School Is Hard?1553 Words   |  7 Pagespercent of our brains.† (Boyd, 2008) We have the ability to think and comprehend so if we push ourselves daily we can learn something new every day. Some techniques that I learned to use maximize my learning are preparing, absorbing, capturing and reviewing. These four steps are very helpful to me because I do them as an everyday cycle. Other techniques I have used in the past when I took classes on campus were; listening and paying attention in class, going mentally active to class; I think this is veryRead MoreThe Group Rules And Norms978 Words   |  4 Pagesmanagement of acute and chronic stress. Clients will be encouraged to identify primary stressors and coping skills to effectively manage them. Relaxation: Clients will be encouraged to participate in mediation techniques, which include trigger points, mindfulness, and deep breathing techniques. Nutrition: Foods and substances that cause stress, anxiety, and depression: Clients will learn about pseudostressors hidden in foods and legal drugs that cause anxiety, depression, and contribute to negativeRead MoreEnriching English Instruction Essay1124 Words   |  5 PagesDespite the rapidly shrinking budgets for arts programs and the growing de-emphasization of English as a relevant field of study, the lessons learned and taught in English classrooms still forms the foundation of learning throughout a student’s academic career. For most American students the English language will serve as the lens through which they view other subjects, and reading comprehension will be the tool that lets them learn from those subjects. Without an adequate foundation in such a coreRead MorePersonal and Professional Challenges786 Words   |  4 Pagesthe following matrix to describe three personal and three professional challenges. For each challenge, describe time and stress management techniques along with personal development resources that may help a nurse overcome these challenges. |Personal Challenge |Time Management Technique |Stress Management Technique |Personal Development Resources | |Example: Balancing work and family |Use a calendar or organizerRead MoreTest Taking Strategies1411 Words   |  6 PagesI have learned to incorporate strategies that work best for me, but there is always room for improvement and strengthening. Learning, study and test taking skills are some of the most important things to have when furthering your education. Upon reading Strategies for Test Success by Linda Anne Silvestri, I was able to scrutinize some of my weaknesses, reevaluate my learning style, and look at some new test taking strategies while assessing my current strategies. Helpful Test Taking Strategies Read MoreDevelopment Of Single Chip Machine Vision Technology For Hazard Detection1648 Words   |  7 Pagesvideo-based monitoring tool is being developed that will alert the foreman to any non-compliance taking place in the site. The main focus of this project is the development of a real-time video monitoring system using the latest computer vision techniques. The video with be captured by a camera set up in a static location on the construction site returning high quality uncompressed imagesvideo to a Jetson TK1 in order to detect PPE (hard-hats and high visibility vests) on construction workers. OBJECTIVESRead MoreAs Nurses, One Of Our Responsibilities Is To Educate And1223 Words   |  5 PagesAs nurses, one of our responsibilities is to educate and assess our patient’s learning needs. It is important for us to evaluate their health behaviors and identify areas where there may be a necessity for additional teaching. For example, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is common among the elderly population. COPD affects nearly thirteen million adults in the U.S. Although the disease is preventable and treatable, it is the third leading cause of death, 120,000 deaths every year areRead MoreEssay On Cyber Security1536 Words   |  7 Pagesprocess/pattern ‘good’ 2. Develop a method to measure ‘effectiveness’, expand upon this to give an effectiveness score (ES) for a given process. 3. Take a given process in BPMN, gather meaning using AI techniques 4. Analyse CySec implications of given process using AI techniques 5. Apply AI techniques to discover analyse meaningful relationships found 6. Compare given process against known ‘good’ practices 7. For the least effective processes, what trends can be found? Is there a pattern in known

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Coleridges View on Iagos Soliloquies Essay - 1965 Words

Coleridges View on Iagos Soliloquies The phrase the motive-hunting of a motiveless malignity occurs in a note that Coleridge wrote concerning the end of Act 1 Scene 3 of Othello in which Iago takes leave of Roderigo saying, Go to, farewell. Put money enough in your purse, and then delivers the soliloquy beginning Thus do I ever make my fool my purse. When evaluating Coleridges view, it is important to put the word motive into context. We use it to mean an emotion, desire, a physiological need - an impulse that acts as an incitement to action. This definition equates motive and impulse; Coleridge, however, thought the two quite different. Here is what he wrote on the subject:-†¦show more content†¦It is engendered! Hell and night Must bring this monstrous birth to the worlds light ===================================================== Shakespeare often uses night to represent disorder and chaos - both Acts I and V of Othello are set at night. Daylight usually brings reason and restoration of order. By using Hell and night as parents of his plan, Iago shows his commitment to evil - his desire to counterbalance the virtue embodied by the worlds light. Further proof that Iagos dedication to committing foul acts is driven by no other reason but the baseness of the acts themselves occurs in his soliloquy at the end of Act II where he speaks of the divinity of hell by which he is governed. Thus it could be said that Iago is a character whose sole impulse is to commit evil deeds - evil is his object and his motives are mere excuses or trite justifications. Such a character was typical of Elizabethan tragedies - at the time sins were personified in plays and villains were just thoroughly bad; they loved evil for its own sake. Writers portrayed these characters simply because they served as a catalyst for drama or acted as a convenient plot device. In this respect, Iago needs no motives for his actions - he is, as Coleridge asserted, a motiveless malignity. This view could be supported by the fact that Shakespeare used a Spanish name forShow MoreRelatedThere Are Many Critical Interpretations of Iago’s Character. Was He a ‘Skillful Villain’? or Perhaps He Was a ‘Mysterious Creature of Unlimited Cynicism’? or Was He Simply a ‘Wronged Man’? More Sinned Against Than Sinning?2606 Words   |  11 PagesThere are many critical in terpretations of Iago’s character. Was he a ‘skillful villain’? Or perhaps he was a ‘mysterious creature of unlimited cynicism’? Or was he simply a ‘wronged man’? More sinned against than sinning? What is your view of this complex character and how would a contemporary Shakespearean audience have responded to him? In Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, the reader is introduced to the character Iago. There are many different interpretations of his character, was he a ‘skillful villain’Read MoreEssay on Honest Iago2147 Words   |  9 PagesIago The poet Coleridge appropriately described the character of Iago as being one of motiveless malignity. Throughout the play Iago’s motives are secondary to, and seem only to serve as justification for, his actions. Iago is driven by his nature of character. To discuss Coleridge’s assessment we must look at Iago’s character—from Iago’s point of view and that of the other characters—his motives, methods, and pawns. Through some carefully thought-out words and actions, Iago is able to manipulate

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Importance Of Practical Theology And Short Term Missions...

Overview of the chapter early stated X The author does uses the first few pages to state the overview of the chapter. In this overview the author has included enough information explaining Christian missions and how should be done, how missions are being seen in our generation, some discrepancies related to missions, the importance of practical theology, how to improve the practice of short-term missions, the true purpose of missions, and important concept definitions to understand the study or dissertation s importance, and perspective. The chapter has specific subtopics where the author expand on the topics already mentioned. Nature and scope of the problem under investigation X Here s a quote from the dissertation This first chapter explores the concept of the term missio Dei ...this discussion is followed by an exploration of the decline of the missio Dei due to North American s failure to observe the ⠐ £dangerous memory⠐ £10 of Jesus Christ. Finally, this chapter discusses what it means to practice, or do, the missio Dei. Practical theology and short-term missions are emphasized as critical components to accomplishing the missio Dei (Jackson, 2015). From this quote the reader has stated the scope of the problem that is under investigation. The author breaks down the scope of the problem with a series of paragraphs and individual sections, or subtopics, to emphasize different issues, including possible reasons as of why this lack or decline of ChristianShow MoreRelatedThe Black Of Black Religion2560 Words   |  11 Pagesnot effect by the oppressed, yet the Lord our God will bring other destructions upon them†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Marable makes a real contribution in terms of helping us to understand that tradition especially in light of the tendency of many early white historians to characterize the black faith as predominantly conservative and otherworldly. In fact, it was Marable who introduced the term â€Å" blackwater† to describe the radical, activist strand of black religious faith. In other words, the antebellum black church hadRead MoreEchose4505 Words   |  19 PagesAnthropologists and missiologists are observing major global shifts causing leaders to revise their understanding of the notion of culture. When business leaders, church leaders, and missiologists consider how to effectively participate and fulfill the mission of God, they face new opportunities and fresh challenges due to the relentless changes in globalization and technological advances in travel, communication, and media. Formidable challenges exist daily for twenty-first century believers calledRead MoreWhat Makes A True Happiness?1905 Words   |  8 Pagesimmense importance to living a healthy life. It is quite obvious that everyone urges for true happiness and it is a universal human desire. The term Eudaimonia refers to true happiness. It further means the direction of pursuing personal development, a growth of potential, achieving individual excellence making an effect to the lives of others in a positive way. There are a lot of ways and methods which can be very much helpful and supportive to make a better understanding about the importance of achievingRead MoreActing For Christ As Acting3422 Words   |  14 PagesVan Slyke Fall - 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction I. The Theology II. The Philosophy III. The Methodology IV. The Culture’s Impact Conclusion Bibliography Introduction There is much to be said about a ministry that is done outside the church. These parachurch organizations are based around the youth culture and how it can be brought back to the Christian mind set. Some of these organizations, such as YWAM (Youth with a Mission), Young Life, and Campus Crusade for Christ, focus on outreachRead MoreHistory of Astronomy4015 Words   |  17 Pagesastronomical data was used for astrological prognostication. Ancient astronomers were able to differentiate between stars and  planets, as stars remain relatively fixed over the centuries while planets will move an appreciable amount during a comparatively short time. Early history Early  cultures  identified celestial objects with  gods  and  spirits. They related these objects (and their movements) to phenomena such as  rain,  drought,  seasons, and  tides. It is generally believed that the first professionalRead MoreTheology of the Body32011 Words   |  129 PagesPope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body A Cliff Notes’ Version Introduction A. The Theology of the Body is the term used to describe the teaching of Pope John Paul about the human person and human sexuality given during his Wednesday Catecheses in St. Peter’s Square between September 5, 1979 and November 28, 1984. John Paul II says that these catecheses could be called â€Å"Human Love in the Divine Plan† or â€Å"The Redemption of the Body and the Sacramentality of Marriage.† B. Various scholars, inRead MoreIntroduction to Christian Thought Essay9122 Words   |  37 PagesTHEO 104: Introduction to Christian Thought Study Guide Week 1: Introduction to Theology Textbook Readings: Towns: Introduction Ch. 1 1. What year was Jesus born? 4BC in Bethleham, South Palestine to an unknown family 2. When was Christianity made Rome’s National Religion? 313 AD 3. What is the Incarnation? God becoming man and taking on flesh 4. Does the Bible states that Jesus was the creator of the world. Yes (John 1:3; Col. 1:16) 5. Did Jesus claim to haveRead MoreEssay about Profession of Arms11066 Words   |  45 Pagesinteractions of competing markets with economic profit and productive efficiency serving as the motivating forces. However, the Army is most certainly not a business. The Army was established by the founding fathers to accomplish its operational missions as now stated in Title 10. The Army can therefore structure and motivate itself as either (or a hybrid of) a governmental occupation or a vocational profession. For a large portion of the Army’s history, the Army was a government occupation structuredRead MoreEssay on Short Term Pastoral Counseling Final15227 Words   |  61 PagesSolution-Based, Short-Term Pastoral Counsleing Final Project By Mike Garner Presented to Dr. Robyn Simmons In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Introduction to Pastoral Counseling PACO 500 Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Lynchburg, VA March 3, 2013 Abstract My future ministry will be as Co-Pastor of a medium sized Community Church in Lewisville, Texas. Each Sunday the church will have approximately 240 in attendance of Sunday morning worship service. My overarchingRead MoreSwami Vivekananda14669 Words   |  59 Pagesà ¤ ¨Ã  ¤ °Ã  ¥â€¡Ã  ¤ ¨Ã  ¥ Ã  ¤ ¦Ã  ¥ Ã  ¤ °Ã  ¤ ¨Ã  ¤ ¾Ã  ¤ ¥ à ¤ ¦Ã  ¤ ¤Ã  ¥ Ã  ¤ ¤) (January 12, 1863 - July 4, 1902) is considered one of the most famous and influential spiritual leaders of the Hindu religion. He was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and was the founder of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. He is considered by many as an icon for his fearless courage, his positive exhortations to the youth, his broad outlook to social problems, and countless lectures and discourses on Vedanta philosophy. Contents | 1 Biography of Swami Vivekananda