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Coleridges View on Iagos Soliloquies Essay - 1965 Words

Coleridges View on Iagos Soliloquies The phrase the motive-hunting of a motiveless malignity occurs in a note that Coleridge wrote concerning the end of Act 1 Scene 3 of Othello in which Iago takes leave of Roderigo saying, Go to, farewell. Put money enough in your purse, and then delivers the soliloquy beginning Thus do I ever make my fool my purse. When evaluating Coleridges view, it is important to put the word motive into context. We use it to mean an emotion, desire, a physiological need - an impulse that acts as an incitement to action. This definition equates motive and impulse; Coleridge, however, thought the two quite different. Here is what he wrote on the subject:-†¦show more content†¦It is engendered! Hell and night Must bring this monstrous birth to the worlds light ===================================================== Shakespeare often uses night to represent disorder and chaos - both Acts I and V of Othello are set at night. Daylight usually brings reason and restoration of order. By using Hell and night as parents of his plan, Iago shows his commitment to evil - his desire to counterbalance the virtue embodied by the worlds light. Further proof that Iagos dedication to committing foul acts is driven by no other reason but the baseness of the acts themselves occurs in his soliloquy at the end of Act II where he speaks of the divinity of hell by which he is governed. Thus it could be said that Iago is a character whose sole impulse is to commit evil deeds - evil is his object and his motives are mere excuses or trite justifications. Such a character was typical of Elizabethan tragedies - at the time sins were personified in plays and villains were just thoroughly bad; they loved evil for its own sake. Writers portrayed these characters simply because they served as a catalyst for drama or acted as a convenient plot device. In this respect, Iago needs no motives for his actions - he is, as Coleridge asserted, a motiveless malignity. This view could be supported by the fact that Shakespeare used a Spanish name forShow MoreRelatedThere Are Many Critical Interpretations of Iago’s Character. Was He a ‘Skillful Villain’? or Perhaps He Was a ‘Mysterious Creature of Unlimited Cynicism’? or Was He Simply a ‘Wronged Man’? More Sinned Against Than Sinning?2606 Words   |  11 PagesThere are many critical in terpretations of Iago’s character. Was he a ‘skillful villain’? Or perhaps he was a ‘mysterious creature of unlimited cynicism’? Or was he simply a ‘wronged man’? More sinned against than sinning? What is your view of this complex character and how would a contemporary Shakespearean audience have responded to him? In Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, the reader is introduced to the character Iago. There are many different interpretations of his character, was he a ‘skillful villain’Read MoreEssay on Honest Iago2147 Words   |  9 PagesIago The poet Coleridge appropriately described the character of Iago as being one of motiveless malignity. Throughout the play Iago’s motives are secondary to, and seem only to serve as justification for, his actions. Iago is driven by his nature of character. To discuss Coleridge’s assessment we must look at Iago’s character—from Iago’s point of view and that of the other characters—his motives, methods, and pawns. Through some carefully thought-out words and actions, Iago is able to manipulate

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Importance Of Practical Theology And Short Term Missions...

Overview of the chapter early stated X The author does uses the first few pages to state the overview of the chapter. In this overview the author has included enough information explaining Christian missions and how should be done, how missions are being seen in our generation, some discrepancies related to missions, the importance of practical theology, how to improve the practice of short-term missions, the true purpose of missions, and important concept definitions to understand the study or dissertation s importance, and perspective. The chapter has specific subtopics where the author expand on the topics already mentioned. Nature and scope of the problem under investigation X Here s a quote from the dissertation This first chapter explores the concept of the term missio Dei ...this discussion is followed by an exploration of the decline of the missio Dei due to North American s failure to observe the ⠐ £dangerous memory⠐ £10 of Jesus Christ. Finally, this chapter discusses what it means to practice, or do, the missio Dei. Practical theology and short-term missions are emphasized as critical components to accomplishing the missio Dei (Jackson, 2015). From this quote the reader has stated the scope of the problem that is under investigation. The author breaks down the scope of the problem with a series of paragraphs and individual sections, or subtopics, to emphasize different issues, including possible reasons as of why this lack or decline of ChristianShow MoreRelatedThe Black Of Black Religion2560 Words   |  11 Pagesnot effect by the oppressed, yet the Lord our God will bring other destructions upon them†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Marable makes a real contribution in terms of helping us to understand that tradition especially in light of the tendency of many early white historians to characterize the black faith as predominantly conservative and otherworldly. In fact, it was Marable who introduced the term â€Å" blackwater† to describe the radical, activist strand of black religious faith. In other words, the antebellum black church hadRead MoreEchose4505 Words   |  19 PagesAnthropologists and missiologists are observing major global shifts causing leaders to revise their understanding of the notion of culture. When business leaders, church leaders, and missiologists consider how to effectively participate and fulfill the mission of God, they face new opportunities and fresh challenges due to the relentless changes in globalization and technological advances in travel, communication, and media. Formidable challenges exist daily for twenty-first century believers calledRead MoreWhat Makes A True Happiness?1905 Words   |  8 Pagesimmense importance to living a healthy life. It is quite obvious that everyone urges for true happiness and it is a universal human desire. The term Eudaimonia refers to true happiness. It further means the direction of pursuing personal development, a growth of potential, achieving individual excellence making an effect to the lives of others in a positive way. There are a lot of ways and methods which can be very much helpful and supportive to make a better understanding about the importance of achievingRead MoreActing For Christ As Acting3422 Words   |  14 PagesVan Slyke Fall - 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction I. The Theology II. The Philosophy III. The Methodology IV. The Culture’s Impact Conclusion Bibliography Introduction There is much to be said about a ministry that is done outside the church. These parachurch organizations are based around the youth culture and how it can be brought back to the Christian mind set. Some of these organizations, such as YWAM (Youth with a Mission), Young Life, and Campus Crusade for Christ, focus on outreachRead MoreHistory of Astronomy4015 Words   |  17 Pagesastronomical data was used for astrological prognostication. Ancient astronomers were able to differentiate between stars and  planets, as stars remain relatively fixed over the centuries while planets will move an appreciable amount during a comparatively short time. Early history Early  cultures  identified celestial objects with  gods  and  spirits. They related these objects (and their movements) to phenomena such as  rain,  drought,  seasons, and  tides. It is generally believed that the first professionalRead MoreTheology of the Body32011 Words   |  129 PagesPope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body A Cliff Notes’ Version Introduction A. The Theology of the Body is the term used to describe the teaching of Pope John Paul about the human person and human sexuality given during his Wednesday Catecheses in St. Peter’s Square between September 5, 1979 and November 28, 1984. John Paul II says that these catecheses could be called â€Å"Human Love in the Divine Plan† or â€Å"The Redemption of the Body and the Sacramentality of Marriage.† B. Various scholars, inRead MoreIntroduction to Christian Thought Essay9122 Words   |  37 PagesTHEO 104: Introduction to Christian Thought Study Guide Week 1: Introduction to Theology Textbook Readings: Towns: Introduction Ch. 1 1. What year was Jesus born? 4BC in Bethleham, South Palestine to an unknown family 2. When was Christianity made Rome’s National Religion? 313 AD 3. What is the Incarnation? God becoming man and taking on flesh 4. Does the Bible states that Jesus was the creator of the world. Yes (John 1:3; Col. 1:16) 5. Did Jesus claim to haveRead MoreEssay about Profession of Arms11066 Words   |  45 Pagesinteractions of competing markets with economic profit and productive efficiency serving as the motivating forces. However, the Army is most certainly not a business. The Army was established by the founding fathers to accomplish its operational missions as now stated in Title 10. The Army can therefore structure and motivate itself as either (or a hybrid of) a governmental occupation or a vocational profession. For a large portion of the Army’s history, the Army was a government occupation structuredRead MoreEssay on Short Term Pastoral Counseling Final15227 Words   |  61 PagesSolution-Based, Short-Term Pastoral Counsleing Final Project By Mike Garner Presented to Dr. Robyn Simmons In partial fulfillment of the requirements of Introduction to Pastoral Counseling PACO 500 Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Lynchburg, VA March 3, 2013 Abstract My future ministry will be as Co-Pastor of a medium sized Community Church in Lewisville, Texas. Each Sunday the church will have approximately 240 in attendance of Sunday morning worship service. My overarchingRead MoreSwami Vivekananda14669 Words   |  59 Pagesà ¤ ¨Ã  ¤ °Ã  ¥â€¡Ã  ¤ ¨Ã  ¥ Ã  ¤ ¦Ã  ¥ Ã  ¤ °Ã  ¤ ¨Ã  ¤ ¾Ã  ¤ ¥ à ¤ ¦Ã  ¤ ¤Ã  ¥ Ã  ¤ ¤) (January 12, 1863 - July 4, 1902) is considered one of the most famous and influential spiritual leaders of the Hindu religion. He was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and was the founder of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. He is considered by many as an icon for his fearless courage, his positive exhortations to the youth, his broad outlook to social problems, and countless lectures and discourses on Vedanta philosophy. Contents | 1 Biography of Swami Vivekananda

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Health Care Usa vs. France Free Essays

Comparison of the Health Care Systems: France and the United States| Yet in 1948 the United Nations proclaimed that, â€Å"everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of oneself and one’s family, including food, clothing, housing, and medical care. † We should understand that health care should be considered a human right, rather than an economical benefit. However, there are two hundred countries in the World and many of them still lack an adequate health care system. We will write a custom essay sample on Health Care Usa vs. France or any similar topic only for you Order Now Throughout the World health, except the U. S. , care systems tend to follow general patterns. There are four basic models: Beveridge, Bismarck, the National health insurance, and the out-of-pocket. The Beveridge model named after the founder of British health care system William Beveridge. According to McCanne (2010), the majority of hospitals and clinics are owned by government. In this model the government is a sole payer, which controls the costs of medical expenses. Therefore, there is the tendency for low cost per capita. The second model of health care named after a founder of European welfare Otto von Bismarck. The major principle of this system based on the insurance plans, which financed jointly by employers and employees. Moreover, the insurance plans are non-profit and cover everyone. The government tightly regulates and controls the health system, that allows to keep low medical costs. The third model is a the National health insurance model. It uses private sector of health providers, but payments come from a government based insurance, to which every citizen must pay. The National health insurance controls and keeps low prices for medical services, and tend to be cheaper and simpler administratively. The last and most disorganized health system follows the out-of-pocket model. The major principle of that system based on the money and basically people with money can get the medical assistance, whereas poor get sicker or die. According to the World health report (2000) released by World Health Organization, France is the country that provides the best health care. The same report states, â€Å"The U. S. health system spends a higher portion of its gross domestic product than any other country but ranks 37 out of 191 countries according to its performance. † The question is, why equally strong, politically and economically, countries have such significant difference of health care performance? Certainly, one of the major dissimilarity of the systems is the difference of health care models. The French health system rigorously follows only one, as most of European countries, the Bismarck’s model. At first glance it seems to be very similar to the American; both countries widely use an insurance system, where employers and employee are both responsible for an insurance payment. However, in contrast to USA, the biggest fundamental difference between the two systems is that the Bismarck-type health insurance plans have to cover everybody, and they do not make a profit. Opposite to France, the United States of America does not follow any of the models of health care. American health care system have elements of all of the models. When it comes to treating veterans, it becomes a government owned and controlled system, as Beveridge model. For Medicare dependant Americans and population over the age of 65, our health care system uses the model of National Health Insurance, otherwise known as universal health system, which tends to be cheaper and simpler. The health care system of a working population, who gets insurance through the employer, is more aligned with the Bismarck model. Finally, for those fifteen percent of Americans, who do not have any health care insurance the current system becomes an Out-of-Pocket Model, which is primarily used in Third World countries. Most of health care industries in the World, in order to be efficient, try to meet only three of the models, but very important basics: costs, quality and access. All those major elements of a health care system have a complex and often challenging nature; they often interlace with each other, what leads to a conglomerate of hard solvable health care issues. For example, the quality of care is tightly bounded to the cost of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. Consequently, the high cost of health care puts access restrictions for certain populations. Therefore, one of the major health industry concerns is access to quality and affordable health care. The French health care system combines universal coverage with a public–private mix of hospital and ambulatory care, higher levels of resources, and a higher volume of service provision than in the United States (Rodwin, 1993) As shown in Table 1, France has a higher physicians’ density per population than USA. Moreover, there is a significant difference, of more than 50%, between physicians of general practice and more disparity in more specialized practices. It demonstrates that French health care is based on more generalized medicine, than the US, where high costly specialty medicine is common practice. Table 1, Health Care Resources: France and United States, 1997–2000. American Journal of Public Health 2003 Resources| France| US| Active physicians per 1000 population| 3. 3 | 2. 8| Active physicians in private, office-based practice per 1000 population| 1. 9| 1. | General/family practice, %| 53. 3| 22. 5| Obstetricians, pediatricians, and internists, %| 7. 5| 35. 6| Other specialists, %| 39. 2| 41. 0| Non-physician personnel per acute hospital bed| 1. 9 | 5. 7 | Total inpatient hospital beds per 1000 population| 8. 5| 3. 7| Short-stay hospital beds per 1000 population| 4. 0| 3. 0| Share of public beds, %| 64. 2| 19. 2| Share of private beds, %| 35. 8| 80. 8| Proprietary beds as p ercentage of private beds, %| 56| 12| Nonprofit beds as percentage of private beds, %| 44| 88| Share of proprietary beds, %| 27| 10. 7| France and the U. S. ace a crises of unprecedented scope. Both countries possess large and growing elderly populations that threaten to push the pace of health care price increases even higher than their already faster-than-inflation rates. (Dutton, 2011) However, France has wide access to comprehensive health services for a population that is, on average, older than that of the United States (Rodwin, 1993). France and the United States, relies on both private insurance and government insurance. In both countries, working populations generally receive their insurance through their employer. However, French health care s based on the National Health Insurance and there is no uninsured population. French national insurance covers about 70 percent of the medical bills, the rest of the 30 percents is paid by private insurance companies, which are typica lly provided and paid by employer. Furthermore, contradictory to the common American opinion, that universal health care system does not allow one to choose doctors, hospitals and clinics, French people are not restricted in their choice of medical professionals and institutions, and they freely navigate themselves from doctor to doctor (Imai, Jacobzone, Lenain, 2000). In contrast to that, certain American HMOs allow their members to visit doctors strictly in their systems. The other tremendous distinction of the French health care system is that there is no discrimination of people with preexisting conditions. Moreover, individuals with preexisting conditions have a priority and receive more coverage; patients with long-standing diseases, such as mental illness, cancer, diabetes, obtain 100 percent governmental support for all medical expenses, including surgeries, therapy and pharmaceutical agents (Imai et. al. , 2000). At a final point, most of American’s health budget oriented on the end of life diseases, which as a rule, heavily involve costly sophisticated technology and procedures, that enormously brings operating cost up. At the same time USA still neglects major successful health care steps such as disease prevention and public health education. This perhaps explains, in spite of impressive achievements in the biomedical science and technology the US do not have a better health care performance. References Dutton,V. P. (2011). Health care in France and the United States: Learning from each other. Imai, Y. Jacobzone, S. , Lenain, P. (2000). The changing health system in France. France: Economics department, organization for economic cooperation and development. p. 268. McCanne, D. (2010). Health Care Systems – Four Basic Models. Physicians for a National Health Program, p. 1 Rodwin V, Sandier S. 2003; Health care under French national health insurance. 12(3):113–131. Ameri can Journal of Public Health 2003 The universal declaration of human rights. Article 25. (1948) World Health Organization, (2000). The world health report 2000 – World Health Organization Assesses the World’s Health Systems. How to cite Health Care Usa vs. France, Essay examples

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A Separte Peace Essay Essay Research Paper free essay sample

A Separte Peace Essay Essay, Research Paper In life, historical events frequently play an of import function in a individual s life. Many times people can drastically hold a alteration of sentiment over dark. In A Separate Peace, the whole ambiance at the Devon School changed as World War II progressed. The male childs either thirstily awaited bill of exchange, preferred to enlist in the country of war they wanted, or did non desire to travel at all. The pupils at the school were forced to make activities for enjoyment since old 1s could non be played because of deficiency of stuffs. When a friend returns from the war, the male childs at Devon got a existent sense of what the war was like. The male childs learned that traveling to war was non all merriment and games like they had anticipated. The influence World War II had on the characters in A Separate Peace and life at the Devon School, was clearly depicted through their actions and activities. We will write a custom essay sample on A Separte Peace Essay Essay Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The beginning of the novel allows the reader to acquire a feel of what the Devon School was like during that clip period. Students of war age were invariably go forthing Devon to travel to the war, either by pick or by bill of exchange. Whether childs wanted to travel or non, the expectancy was ever present. As winter approached the Devon school, so was the infringing shadow of the war. The male childs were called out to assist shovel free a troop train trapped by snow-blocked paths. The experience # 8220 ; brings the war place # 8221 ; for all of them, and they realized they would hold to confront a important determination really shortly. Maturity leaps upon them, whether they # 8217 ; re ready for it or non, at the stamp age of 17. The exhilaration of the war had gotten to everybody at the school, including the staff, and made it a helter-skelter topographic point. The male childs were able to acquire away with disobeying the regulations. Many pupils cut category, and left schoo l evidences frequently and were non penalized. When Leper returned from the war the male childs realized that take parting in the war wasn t all merriment and games, and that a batch of bad things happened. When Leper told Gene how he had been discharged on charges of insanity, Gene blew up at Leper. Gene had thought the war was a good topographic point, and the impression of a Section Eight Discharge was non what he wanted to hear. It wholly ruined Gene s ideas and his hopes. Gene was wholly set on enlisting in the ground forces, to see what so many other s were sing, until Leper informed him of the war s negative facets. Leper, more defeated than anyone, did non portion his ground for returning place with everyone. He was ashamed, and did non desire to portion the horrors of war with everyone. Scarcity of popular stuffs made it hard for the male childs at Devon to go on with some normal activities. Finny, the athletic male child he was, made up Blitzball, a game named after the celebrated Blitzkrieg ( a German war maneuver ) . The game of class was successful in maintaining the male childs busy. Along with athletic creative activities, the male childs started a nine called The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session, a nine which about six male childs signed up for. The nine met about every dark, and had particular inductions for the members. The nine was designed to give the male childs something to make because they were unable to take part in the regular things they did. The male childs at Devon were non holding the same sort of school twelvemonth that they had had in the yesteryear. Partially because of an interuption in their day-to-day lives. World War II had a strong influence on life in the novel A Separate Peace. The writer displays the influence through the character s actions and activities. The pupils at the Devon School were overwhelmed with the thought of war, and were thirstily expecting their going to an country of it. However, when a good friend returned from the war with a different thought of how it was, the male childs rethought their avidity. The male childs were forced to do up games and such to take part in to maintain them occupied when they weren t perusal. This novel showed that like with other major historical events, war can wholly change a manner of life, altering everything from personalities to activities.